How to install Node.js in windows operating system?


Node.js is a javaScript framework or we can say that it's a javaScript platform. JavaScript used to create a single page application, video streaming websites, e-commerce websites and many others web applications. It is a fully open source that we can use it without paying any amount.

Node.js is Asynchronous, it means Node.js is not waiting for the acknowledgment of any input. Node is pure javaScript platform. so, when we create a web application with node.js then we are trying to use javascript for both front-end and back-end.

Installing Node.js and NPM is a pretty straight using the installer package available from the Node.js® website.

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Introduction to meteor + angular | Steps for creating meteor app | Install and start with meteor + angular


Meteor is a full-stack framework for developing real-time web-based and mobile application. Meteor is fully javaScript framework i.e. when we create the application with meteor + angular then we use javaScript for both front-end and back-end. Using meteor, we can create both web and mobile application with a single code, we don’t need to write code separately for mobile application and web application.

We can easily build code for the mobile application. we can use meteor with angular (angular 1 and angular 2) and  react.js. For mobile, we use meteor and Ionic for developing a hybrid mobile application. The hybrid app means we write a code once and use it for android, ios, and windows.

Meteor is fully reactive means when we change the value from the database it changes the value of corresponding data in view pages without refreshing or reloading the page.

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Create first app with angular | How to install and start with angular?

angular is a client side MVC framework which aimed to make web applications with simple to build and easy to maintain. Angular.js easy to use in your project. You should have basic knowledge of HTML, javaScript and if you have knowledge of CSS that’s good and if you have not known, don’t worry. you can start angular without CSS.

Steps to be followed for Angular.js: –
1- First you need to create a directory for your angular app.


 After creating a directory, you need to install bower package manager in your system. Open a command prompt and go to firstAngularApp directory

2- Run following command for installing bower to your system

npm install -g bower