Introduction to meteor angular | Steps for creating meteor app | Install and start with meteor + angular

Meteor is a full-stack framework for developing real-time web-based and mobile application. Meteor is fully JavaScript framework i.e. when we create the application with meteor + angular then we use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end. Using meteor, we can create both web and mobile application with a single code, we don’t need to write code separately for mobile application and web application.

We can easily build code for the mobile application. we can use meteor with angular (angular 1 and angular 2) and  react.js. For mobile, we use meteor and Ionic for developing a hybrid mobile application. The hybrid app means we write a code once and use it for android, ios, and windows.

Meteor is fully reactive means when we change the value from the database it changes the value of corresponding data in view pages without refreshing or reloading the page.

Steps to be followed for installing meteor for Windows:-

1- Download installer from meteor official website for installing meteor.js in your system. we need only once to install meteor in our system.

2- Open command prompt and go to any directory (where you want to create app) and run following command (i.e firstApp)

meteor create firstApp

3- After creating firstApp  go to firstApp directory by writing following command

cd firstApp

4-run following command for running your firstApp

meteor run
Your app runs on 3000 port.

5- Go to your browser and type following URL in your browser

Your app runs successfully.

The folder structure of angular meteor is looking like this

Next step to add angular in your meteor app

6- Enter the following command for removing blaze template engine (it’s default)

meteor remove blaze-html-templates

7- after removing blaze we need to install angular in app

meteor add angular

after install angular, you can start writing angular code in your code.

Note: we can add packages for our application by following

  1. atmosphere.js
  2.  npm
  3. bower

Thanks, Now you have successfully created your first meteor application. If you want to Login and Signup application with angular and meteor, you can clone the repository using given the link:

Git Clone Rep-

If you have any query regarding this post please ask using the comment box. Hope you found it helpful.


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