How to use Amazon AWS S3 API in angular


Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) is service that provides the cloud storage simple web service interface to store and retrieve data from anywhere. Now we send 5 TB single object amount data to store in cloud through S3 web service
Amazon provide JavaScript  API to use S3 bucket-
First, we have to run bower install to download the AWS library
            Bower install AWS-SDK
Then add this lib path to our index file
         <script src="bower_components/aws-sdk/dist/aws- sdk.min.js"></script>
So now we configure S3 service credential

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How to install Node.js in windows operating system?


Node.js is a javaScript framework or we can say that it's a javaScript platform. JavaScript used to create a single page application, video streaming websites, e-commerce websites and many others web applications. It is a fully open source that we can use it without paying any amount.

Node.js is Asynchronous, it means Node.js is not waiting for the acknowledgment of any input. Node is pure javaScript platform. so, when we create a web application with node.js then we are trying to use javascript for both front-end and back-end.

Installing Node.js and NPM is a pretty straight using the installer package available from the Node.js® website.

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