Introduction to angular.js services


Services is a unit of code which can be used across the project controllers. Means when we create a service we can use it in any controllers of our project. Services required when we need to use the same code in multiple places. Services can be utilities or business logic unit which means whenever you write any kind of code as part of a service you had to consider that code to be almost independent of that particular controller. It also some business logic code.
Why services –
1-Services provides lots of built-in functionality
2-Best place to implement reusable code
3-Clean and maintainable code

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How to setup environment for angular 2 with typeScript?

In this post, we will setup angular 2 and their dependencies in our machine. We start with angular 2 with typescript so for angular 2 first we should have little bit knowledge of typescript.


Typescript is a superset of javaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, interfaces, and is the most benefit is to enable IDEs to provide the environment for spotting common errors as you type the code.

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