Introduction to react component | Create component with react


 a react component is used for reuse the UI. we can use our  react component in another component. As we all know every page have some components, in react we can make individual components and assemble them to make any page. components accepts the inputs called props. react component describing what should display in view. 

First you have to setup a react app in your system, if you already setup then go to next step and if not then check introduction to react after that go to next step.

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introduction to ECMAScript | introduction to es5 | introduction to es6


Introduction to ECMAScript

ECMAScript is a scripting language standardized by ECMA(European computer manufacturers association). It is a standardized version of javascript. It is developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape. It was written in 10 days.
When it was developed, it was named mocha later it converted to LiveScript and finally in December 1995 it become JavaScript.   In 1995 sun microsystems and Netscape announced it first release.

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