Use uploadfs and gridfs with meteor + angular | Simple steps for image upload in meteor + angular


 we are going to discuss image or file upload in meteor with angular. image uploading is easy in the meteor. we will use uploadfs for image uploading. Uploadfs manage all things like file uploading, downloading, storing and copying etc. Uploadfs also use for file or image synchronization. we will use gridFS storage adapter. we can also crop images and set the size of any image. we will create a simple collection for file or image upload. Before start meteor + angular, we should have knowledge of angular.

steps for upload images

1- add uploadFS by run following command. uploadFS use for manage files.

 we need to install uploadFS for manage uploading, downloading, set the size of images and crop images. uploadFS is a popular package for file or image uploading. 

    meteor add jalik:ufs

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Introduction to angular.js services


Services is a unit of code which can be used across the project controllers. Means when we create a service we can use it in any controllers of our project. Services required when we need to use the same code in multiple places. Services can be utilities or business logic unit which means whenever you write any kind of code as part of a service you had to consider that code to be almost independent of that particular controller. It also some business logic code.
Why services –
1-Services provides lots of built-in functionality
2-Best place to implement reusable code
3-Clean and maintainable code

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Use ui router in angular | Steps for adding ui router in angular app | How to use ui-router in angular

ui router

A router is used for linking URL to controller and views. ui router is complete routing framework for angular. ui router use states for routing. A state is a unit of is more comprehensive navigation criteria. ui router use for creating multiple view in  single page applications. 
Key point of ui-router
         1- ui-router use when you switch from one route to another
         2- You can use multiple views in ui-router
         3- You can nested views in ui-router
         4- It can have multiple instances

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Steps to use highchart with angular | How to get start with highchart in angular

You all deal with data every time but sometimes you want not to see data and see it like graphs, so here we are describing you to show your in  form of graphs very easily from basic setup. Whenever we want to our data in graphical format in angular, we should use angular highcharts.  

  1. Installation

Highcharts can be installed in your project by 3 ways

a. we can install highchart with npm package

npm install highcharts

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Introduction to meteor + angular | Steps for creating meteor app | Install and start with meteor + angular


Meteor is a full-stack framework for developing real-time web-based and mobile application. Meteor is fully javaScript framework i.e. when we create the application with meteor + angular then we use javaScript for both front-end and back-end. Using meteor, we can create both web and mobile application with a single code, we don’t need to write code separately for mobile application and web application.

We can easily build code for the mobile application. we can use meteor with angular (angular 1 and angular 2) and  react.js. For mobile, we use meteor and Ionic for developing a hybrid mobile application. The hybrid app means we write a code once and use it for android, ios, and windows.

Meteor is fully reactive means when we change the value from the database it changes the value of corresponding data in view pages without refreshing or reloading the page.

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Create first app with angular | How to install and start with angular?

angular is a client side MVC framework which aimed to make web applications with simple to build and easy to maintain. Angular.js easy to use in your project. You should have basic knowledge of HTML, javaScript and if you have knowledge of CSS that’s good and if you have not known, don’t worry. you can start angular without CSS.

Steps to be followed for Angular.js: –
1- First you need to create a directory for your angular app.


 After creating a directory, you need to install bower package manager in your system. Open a command prompt and go to firstAngularApp directory

2- Run following command for installing bower to your system

npm install -g bower