what is state and props in react.

state and props

Today, we will discuss state and props in react. In my previous posts, I already shared installation process of react and the introduction to a component in react
I hope these posts will help you to do a quick start with react. So now I am going to give an introduction about state and props in react.

What is the state?

A state is variable that serve the value of overall render function of the component. You can also use this outside of the render function and it provides the bindings between UI and logic functions.

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Use uploadfs and gridfs with meteor + angular | Simple steps for image upload in meteor + angular


 we are going to discuss image or file upload in meteor with angular. image uploading is easy in the meteor. we will use uploadfs for image uploading. Uploadfs manage all things like file uploading, downloading, storing and copying etc. Uploadfs also use for file or image synchronization. we will use gridFS storage adapter. we can also crop images and set the size of any image. we will create a simple collection for file or image upload. Before start meteor + angular, we should have knowledge of angular.

steps for upload images

1- add uploadFS by run following command. uploadFS use for manage files.

 we need to install uploadFS for manage uploading, downloading, set the size of images and crop images. uploadFS is a popular package for file or image uploading. 

    meteor add jalik:ufs

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