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Introduction to ECMAScript

ECMAScript is a scripting language standardized by ECMA(European computer manufacturers association). It is a standardized version of javascript. It is developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape. It was written in 10 days.
When it was developed, it was named mocha later it converted to LiveScript and finally in December 1995 it become JavaScript.   In 1995 sun microsystems and Netscape announced it first release.

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How to use Amazon AWS S3 API in angular


Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) is service that provides the cloud storage simple web service interface to store and retrieve data from anywhere. Now we send 5 TB single object amount data to store in cloud through S3 web service
Amazon provide JavaScript  API to use S3 bucket-
First, we have to run bower install to download the AWS library
            Bower install AWS-SDK
Then add this lib path to our index file
         <script src="bower_components/aws-sdk/dist/aws- sdk.min.js"></script>
So now we configure S3 service credential

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