What is DDP Protocol | Introduction to DDP Protocol

DDP- Distributed Data Protocol is extensively used in a meteor and is highly recommended over other frameworks. It was originally developed by meteor team. There is nothing in it i.e Meteor specific. DDP protocol can work with any database, framework, programming language, servers, clients and mobile devices. So let’s get ourselves familiar with Meteor before starting these steps 

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Introduction to indexing in mongoDB | MongoDB Indexing


One of the powerful features of MongoDB is indexing and its wide and rich indexing functionality. the database index is a data structure that mainly improves the speed of data fetching operations. Indexing is used for search query sort its boost up performance without index collection will be scanned fully to get required data so it’s a very slow operation for the big amount of data that’s why indexing can increase read query and get only required data instead of full data. MongoDB has by default indexing on the _id field.

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Introduction to angular.js services


Services is a unit of code which can be used across the project controllers. Means when we create a service we can use it in any controllers of our project. Services required when we need to use the same code in multiple places. Services can be utilities or business logic unit which means whenever you write any kind of code as part of a service you had to consider that code to be almost independent of that particular controller. It also some business logic code.
Why services –
1-Services provides lots of built-in functionality
2-Best place to implement reusable code
3-Clean and maintainable code

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