What is ddp protocol | Introduction to ddp protocol


DDP is a protocol which is vastly used in a meteor. ddp protocol is highly recommended that before starting this step let’s get ourselves familiar with Meteor through this documentation.

ddp protocol was originally developed by meteor team, but there is nothing in it i.e Meteor specific. It can work with any database, framework, or programming language, and it can work on servers, clients, and mobile devices.

It is somewhat REST, but for WebSockets. It may use sock js or WebSocket protocol as a lower-level transport. Protocol explicate some guidelines for communication between client and server.

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what is state and props in react.

state and props

Today, we will discuss state and props in react. In my previous posts, I already shared installation process of react and the introduction to a component in react
I hope these posts will help you to do a quick start with react. So now I am going to give an introduction about state and props in react.

What is the state?

A state is variable that serve the value of overall render function of the component. You can also use this outside of the render function and it provides the bindings between UI and logic functions.

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Use uploadfs and gridfs with meteor + angular | Simple steps for image upload in meteor + angular


 we are going to discuss image or file upload in meteor with angular. image uploading is easy in the meteor. we will use uploadfs for image uploading. Uploadfs manage all things like file uploading, downloading, storing and copying etc. Uploadfs also use for file or image synchronization. we will use gridFS storage adapter. we can also crop images and set the size of any image. we will create a simple collection for file or image upload. Before start meteor + angular, we should have knowledge of angular.

steps for upload images

1- add uploadFS by run following command. uploadFS use for manage files.

 we need to install uploadFS for manage uploading, downloading, set the size of images and crop images. uploadFS is a popular package for file or image uploading. 

    meteor add jalik:ufs

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Introduction to indexing in mongoDB | MongoDB Indexing

One of the powerful features of MongoDB is indexing and its wide and rich indexing functionality. the database index is a data structure that mainly improves the speed of data fetching operations. Indexing is used for search query sort its boost up performance without index collection will be scanned fully to get required data so it’s a very slow operation for the big amount of data that’s why indexing can increase read query and get only required data instead of full data. MongoDB has by default indexing on the _id field.
Mongo uses B-tree data structure. B-tree is a tree data structure that keeps data sorted and balanced. B-tree is optimized for systems that read and write large blocks of data.

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Introduction to react component | Create component with react


 a react component is used for reuse the UI. we can use our  react component in another component. As we all know every page have some components, in react we can make individual components and assemble them to make any page. components accepts the inputs called props. react component describing what should display in view. 

First you have to setup a react app in your system, if you already setup then go to next step and if not then check introduction to react after that go to next step.

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introduction to ECMAScript | introduction to es5 | introduction to es6


Introduction to ECMAScript

ECMAScript is a scripting language standardized by ECMA(European computer manufacturers association). It is a standardized version of javascript. It is developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape. It was written in 10 days.
When it was developed, it was named mocha later it converted to LiveScript and finally in December 1995 it become JavaScript.   In 1995 sun microsystems and Netscape announced it first release.

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How to use Amazon AWS S3 API in angular


Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3) is service that provides the cloud storage simple web service interface to store and retrieve data from anywhere. Now we send 5 TB single object amount data to store in cloud through S3 web service
Amazon provide JavaScript  API to use S3 bucket-
First, we have to run bower install to download the AWS library
            Bower install AWS-SDK
Then add this lib path to our index file
         <script src="bower_components/aws-sdk/dist/aws- sdk.min.js"></script>
So now we configure S3 service credential

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Introduction to angular.js services


Services is a unit of code which can be used across the project controllers. Means when we create a service we can use it in any controllers of our project. Services required when we need to use the same code in multiple places. Services can be utilities or business logic unit which means whenever you write any kind of code as part of a service you had to consider that code to be almost independent of that particular controller. It also some business logic code.
Why services –
1-Services provides lots of built-in functionality
2-Best place to implement reusable code
3-Clean and maintainable code

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